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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work (Aristote)

Category: Alarm

First thing first, let's start with my Alarm system.

Posted on 2016-07-10 13:41:00 by Vincent in OpenBSD Alarm

I'll explain how I've used OpenBSD to monitor my house. Which machine, which devices, how it's send SMS"

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How I've started with OpenBSD

Posted on 2016-07-09 12:43:00 by Vincent in OpenBSD Alarm

I'm using open source systems since 1998; mainly Linux at the beginning, but since several years I'm using more and more openBSD. I'll explain why and how in later posts on this blog. Initially, it was to manage my alarm system based on velleman's k8000 kit. Today all machines around me are running OpenBSD (even this blog), and few Linux.

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