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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work (Aristote)

About myself.

I'm a project and program manager having managed several complex IT development and Telco projects / programs. You can find all my professional life on LinkedIn.

But I'm also an enthusiast user (since 1998) and developer of Opensource solution. Mainly OpenBSD, Python, Postgresql.

In 2016 I've decided to share some of my setups, this is one of the goal of this blog.

With a total score of 87.9%, I'm happy owner of the BSD certification since February 2016.

My company's web site is

My expertises with OpenBSD

  • Setup OpenBSD as a NAS systems where data are fully encrypted. Data integrity is managed by yabitrot
  • I'm using OpenBSD to monitor my house. This system is running 24x7 since 2009 on OpenBSD and is integrated with incoming ans outgoing SMS (to notify me)
  • OpenBSD is also my daily Desktop system.

My expertises in Python

I'm active users of Python since version 1.2. I've developed lot of scripts and programs. You can find some of them on my SourceForge repository

You can email me on