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Improved sysupgrade for OpenBSD

Posted on 2020-10-21 21:31:00 from Vincent in OpenBSD

For the release of OpenBSD 6.8 I've slightly adapted my systupgrade utility.


As stated in my previous blog, I do not want to use the standard sysupgrade because it install all possible sets.

My adapted version of systupgrade allows you to choose which sets you want to install. For example, I do not want to have games, xorg and friends on my servers.

In this post I share a slightly adapted version of sysupgrade.


My adapted sysupgrade utility is based on the one provided in OpenBSD 6.8.

You can download it here

Before executing it, do not forget to perform a chmod:

chmod +x

Or you can execute it with ksh


For sure you have to be root for that ;-)


The configuration aspects remains as there was:

Create a configuration file call /etc/sysupgrade_sets

For example:

-x*  to remove all X related sets.   
+xbase*  to add xbase related sets.   
-ga* to remove games.

It's exactly the informations you type when you use the interactive install procedure.

Configure the /etc/installurl file by listing your preferred source website.
this is an optional configuration item.
Without it, sysupgrade will select which is perfect is most cases.


You just have to trigger this script like described here above.

It will download the required files and sets you have requested via /etc/sysupgrade_sets
Like for the official sysupgrade, those files will be stored in /home/_sysupgrade.

Then, my script will adapt a little bit the famous /auto_upgrade.conf file. Those adaptations will take into account the fact that you do not want all sets.

Then reboot your machine, and that's it.

Installation finalisation

Like described on the OpenBSD guides, you still have 2 steps to finalize the upgrade to OpenBSD 6.8

pkg_add -u

I let you read the OpenBSD documentation for those steps.


Very few adaptations offer you more flexibility with the sysupgrade utility.

Have fun with it ;-)

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No ideas 🙁

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