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alacritty problem: tset unknown terminal type alacritty

Posted on 2024-04-06 15:21:00 from Vincent in Alpine Linux

Since the upgrade to OpenBSD 7.5, when using ssh from an alacritty session, I receive the following message:

tset: unknown terminal type alacritty
Terminal type?

How to deal with that ?


There are several ways to solve this problem.
I'll describe here few which are working on OpenBSD.

The easiest solution

Ignore this message and hit Ctrl-C.

You will enter in your remote machine, but with default setups.

Environment variable.

One of the easiest way to solve this problem is to setup the TERM variable:

TERM=xterm-256color ssh ....

Either you set this variable in your .profile file:

export TERM=xterm-256color

Either you define an alias like this (in your .profile file):

alias ssh='TERM=xterm-256color ssh'

in such case the variable will be setup each time you invoke the ssh command.

More elegant way, by using tic command

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