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A cron for laptop and non permanent machines.

Posted on 2018-07-11 14:06:00 from Vincent in OpenBSD Desktop vdcron

I'm a big fan of cron on my servers to trigger several tasks: monitoring reports, backups, security checks, ... But I was annoyed that on laptops such tasks are not possible. Mainly because the laptop does not always run, or is not always connected to the correct network.

So, as explained in one of my previous blog, existing solution does not fully fit my needs. So, vdcron was born.

This blog mark the release 0.5.3 of vdcron

News in this version

In this new release, I've:

  • I’ve corrected several bugs
  • I’ve written man pages to explain better how to use it and to configure it
  • I’ve written a test script.

Thanks to this test script, you can evaluate vdcron before installing it : make test

If tests are successful, you can install it with the command: make install

This tool has been developed on OpenBSD using the standard shell (ksh). No specific package is required, it should run with a standard OpenBSD install.
To make it running on other OS, I think that ksh is a must. Moreover, vdcron relies on the date function present in OpenBSD. Not sure if it will run with the gnu-date function present in lot of linux systems.


I thank Roman Zolotarev for several of his valuable remarks included in this release.


You can get it here

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