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OpenBSD and protonmail

Posted on 2018-10-01 23:26:00 from Vincent in OpenBSD Desktop

I'm using for my emails. But unfortunately I was not able to login from both FireFox and Chrome present on my OpenBSD machine. This blog explain how to solve this issue.


If you want a very secured email system, just give a try to It's free and secured :-).

This email system encrypt everything. And the decryption occurs just on your machine, thanks to javascript libraries.

Unfortunately, the default parameters of both Firefox and Chrome does not allow to run those javascript elements. So, you cannot login on your Protonmail account.

I'm running OpenBSD-current build on 30/09/2018 and running Firefox 62.0.2 and Chrome 69.0.3497.100

Fortunately, Carlos proposed the good solution on twitter.

The problem comes in fact from a module called asm.js.

I don't know the exact reason, but disabling this module allow me to login and use Protonmail correctly.

I must also mention that looking at youtube video is much more smooth (but that's an another story).

Disable asmjs in Firefox

To disable asmjs in Firefox, just type about:config in the bar.
A screen will inform you that such parameters can impact the stability of your browser. But, click on the button "I accept the risk".

Then on the "Search" bar, type asmjs.

Double click on "javascript.options.asmjs" and you will see that he "value" become "false".

Just leave this screen and enjoy.

Now you will be able to login in your Protonmail account.

Disable asmjs in Chrome

In the bar, type chrome://flags

In the search bar, type "asm.js".

Just leave this screen and enjoy.

Now you will be able to login in your Protonmail account.


Sounds that this ams.js module create troubles on OpenBSD.

Disabling it allow me to login and use Protonmail, but I've the feeling that my youtube video are now much smooth and fluid.

Weird for a module having the objective to speed up javascripts.

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