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News concerning Yabitrot

Posted on 2019-02-19 20:36:00 from Vincent in OpenBSD Nas yabitrot

In this blog some news concerning the last changes implemented in yabitrot version 0.4

Yabitrot in OpenBSD's ports

First of all, I'm very happy to see that Solene has proposed yabitrot to the OpenBSD ports repository.

Many thanks to Solene for this initiative

Several small improvements.

I've added a man page. Following the philosophy of OpenBSD, this gives more details about the different possible parameters.
And, this is the advantage of the man pages, this info is present offline, without the need to use your preferred web search engine

An another change I would like to talk, is the existence of a 2nd table in the SQLite DB: params.
The goal of this table is to store some important parameters. This allow to better understand in which context the scan has been performed.
As a first instance, yabitrot stores the path and the filesystemID.
Storing those 2 parameters allow yabitrot to make sure that between different scans we are still in the same context.
For example, if yabitrot scans a folder (and sub-folders) that will be rsync on an other disk (or system); then, on this new system, you will not be able to run yabitrot because the context is
totally different. This avoid to have strange situations where files are present, but yabitrot does not "see" them because the filesystemID is different and the inode
allocation is totally different than on the original disk.

Sources & Download

You can find this code on Sourceforge: here
You can download it here

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