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Fapws4 is running without troubles since 100 days

Posted on 2019-10-13 21:27:00 from Vincent in OpenBSD fapws

Today it's exactly 100 days that my website is running on top of Fapws4 without any troubles.


I'm really happy to see that my first real C application is running so well.

My blog is directly facing internet, with any kind of funny requests some visitors could have, but it resist and do not break.

Since July 5th, the web server has received 232068 requests, which is 2320 requests per day.
It's not that big, but at least is resist to fancy "GET" or "POST" commands.

Thanks to a certain logic put inside de python code, I'm able to reject robots posting strange texts in the comments.

All in all, it run alone without effort and maintenance.

If you are running Fapws4, your feedback is appreciated. Feel free to send me an email et let a message in the comments below.

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